Good Things Happen to Those Who Know God Loves Them

I ​learnt this truth from a teacher I respect immensely. It is a secret to living a worry free, stress free and fear free life.

Understanding this truth, as simple as it is will change your life forever. Its funny how simple things affect us deeper that complex matters.

OK, here we go…

Of all the disciples, there was one who always called himself “the disciple whom Jesus loved”. Even so, people began to refer to him as John the beloved. Scholars attributed this self endowed title to his closeness to the Christ. They say Jesus was closer to him than any other person and they pull their evidence from the last supper when everybody was wondering who would betray Jesus but only John had the heart to ask his bosom friend. This seems like a conclusive argument however, I have a different perspective to this love constantly articulated by John.

I believe John was simply practicing the love of Jesus. Yes, he was not practicing his love for Jesus but the ‘love of Jesus’. Notice that John was the only writer of the gospels that went beyond the humanity and  morality of Jesus to his divinity and spirituality so much so that he began to talk of Jesus as the very word of God. From the on set he understood that Jesus wasn’t just a man seeking political change of power by means of militancy or any other trick. His record in john 14 makes it clear that he had come to understand Jesus beyond the physical and into the spiritual. This helped him understand the power available in being loved by divinity.

He also knew that his love for Jesus would never suffice but he could live a beautiful life on Jesus’ love for him. The truth is that we can’t love Jesus as much as he loves us. Actually, its the law that requires us to love God with all our hearts. Grace which we now live by just wants us to bask in the love of God as expressed in Jesus Christ.

Of all the disciples, I think John was the only disciple that died on his own terms and not by persecution. How do you explain escaping from a big pot of boiling oil?! 

That guy understood that the priority was not trying to love God more but accepting the love of God because that was the only way his love for him would grow.

Joseph Prince says he was once in the navy and unfortunately he suffered sea sickness. His captain noticing how his crew were seriously sick due to the constantly shaking boat asked them to fix their eyes on the horizon. As they kept looking at the horizon, they felt ease and the sickness left. As they kept looking at a fixed, stable and unshaken horizon, their shaking boat had no effect on them.

As you go through life, you will hit rocks, you will go through tough terrains and get shaken but if you keep you eyes and heart on the love of God, life will become easy….yes, easy. Everything will find stability, not because you are stable but because God’s love is forever stable.

Good things will always happen to you as long as you hold on to the love of God.


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