​Getters vs Givers – by NK Maduforo 

Me: Oh Lord Jesus. You are just too funny😂. Tell me that story again please.
Jesus: Lol. Here goes. So Simon invited me to his home. Lavish….grandiose. The sort of place you would expect a man of his societal status to dwell in. He had his nose in the air and I was shown my seat. Mind you, I knew he just wanted to show me off to his friends. He’s a getter you see. It’s all about WIIFM ( What’s In It For Me).
For him, it was the prestige of hosting the new ‘trend’ in town. He secretly hoped I would tell some stories and throw in a miracle or two. It was for his own glory but along came Mary. My dear, dear Mary; bearing in her hand a gift with which she anointed my feet. Same feet she had wet with her tears, kissed with her lips and dried with her hair. The look on Simon’s face is one I can never forget and you know his thoughts,  just like yours, are an open book for me to read. 
She unlike Simon , was totally focused on me. For him,  the atmosphere had to be right, the music light, the glory bright…..showing him off to be of might. Sigh…..what a sight; the contrast between a getter and a giver. SMH
So many will be in a gathering today where I am present, supposedly centre stage but the stage is often set up for themselves. I’m on the look out for Marys who put me on the pedestal and so they should for I am the one whose glory changes your story. Be a giver today.
Inspired by : Luke 7 v 36-50  Jesus at the home of Simon the Pharisee.
Author: NK Maduforo       @nkmaduforo


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