Resolving this issue of Tithing.

Trust me the good stuff is at the end but pls do read through.
I have tried my best to stay away from cthis conversation since it started late last 2016. But it has come to a point where it would be unrighteous to for me to remain silent. I cannot, in good faith, sit back while people have their theology shaken so much so that their salvation becomes threatened. I don’t like long texts like this on social media but the importance of this matter transcends my preferences.
Through 2013 and 2014, I kept hearing prophecies of a season, an era, a time of “revival” in Africa ignited by young men and women in Nigeria. I was eager to witness this as it would be the first in my life time. So when the grace movement started, I was not surprised, I was only astonished how it had taken over everyone. The social media is filled with emphasis on grace, Jesus, the new creation, no more condemnation, new life etc. Due to my kind of work, I travel a lot and I have noticed that billboards and banners brandishing christian events have aligned too in their themes; Jesus revealed, great grace, the word made flesh, Jesus unveiled, victory in Christ, faith over fear, revealing the glory, etc. 

Inasmuch as this is beautiful and great and awesome, it is sad that we  as usual have found a way to abuse and bastardize this move of God. God is opening our eyes to his son and our redemption through the same scriptures we’ve been reading and preaching all this while and we have succeeded in taking it overboard. One of the many attempts at abusing this “Grace movement” or this season of “new creation” emphasis is on the issue of tithing.
I will not spend time citing scriptures, prophets and Apostles in order to convince you. I have found that to be futile. However, in my study on the matter I have been led to a beautiful and comprehensive conclusion by the spirit of the Lord himself.
Rom 14 : 22-23
This text has settled me on every side, whether its tithe or first fruit, I am settled on the matter but unfortunately, people have suffered for lack of knowledge of this text. The other day on Facebook I saw a video of a woman calling for people to go and warn “that pastor they call Adeboye”. She said, they have been collecting tithe and first fruit from her sister in Nigeria and in the process collected the money she sent to her to start up a business. Now her sister is asking for more money instead of going to the church to seek support, after all, she has been funding the pastor with her tithes and offerings and first fruit.

This is a classic case of the ignorance of Rom 14 : 22-23.
We must live our lives by faith, even the scriptures, in 4 different places state clearly that the just shall live by faith. However faith here isn’t just believing, it is conviction. You must be convinced in your heart that whatever it is you are practicing is valid and works else, any shake in doctrine will throw you off and threaten your faith and salvation. So if you are paying tithe, it must be based on your conviction in the word of God. If you aren’t paying tithe, it must be out of conviction in the word of God.
Let me rap this up with this stern words.

I have noticed that some preachers and pastors who were once demanding for tithes are trying to save face instead of apologising and changing or sticking with their doctrine. So they now employ a damage control statement,

 “paying tithe is not by force oh. Nobody forced anybody to pay tithe. If you want to pay, you can pay, if you don’t want to pay, don’t pay.”

This is a manifestation of evil, it is a lie, it is false witness, it is wrong and it is horrible that a person called of God will use this technique to evade justice.

The church in Nigeria has always demanded tithes, offerings and sometimes first fruits from members. It has compelled them in many subliminal ways and we cannot and should not deny thcoerced have coerce people, condemned them for not complying, deprived them of certain privileges, victimised them, stigmatised them among other church members, prevented them from holding positions in church, bad mouthed them amongst other church members, tarnished their image, prevented them from marrying certain sister/brothers in the church, etc. If you want to change, change completely and boldly. if not, hold on to your doctrines as long as it is out of conviction. Stop lying!
And to those of you who have decided to withhold your tithes because “it is not a new testament practice”, you are right but is that a solid argument for not giving? are you willing to uphold the new testament practice of giving? Are you ready to sell all your properties and follow Christ? Are you willing to sell your land and car to feed “a bunch of jobless people” in church? Are you willing to die if you deceifully do not bring all the money you made from selling your properties? If you cannot give 10% of your income, is it 100% you can give? Hahahahahaha, I laugh at you in Greek.
Remember, whatever you do as a christian, do it out of conviction in the word of God. The word of God is the final authority in the kingdom of God…even Elohim is subject to his word.

It is our constitution, the supreme source of power and authority.
I am bigDan McDon and I’m not trying to make common sense.😂 Salute!


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